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367 North Main Street
Milford Charter Township, MI, 48381


Acorn Farm opened its doors in downtown Millford in 2008. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the most kind, interesting, generous, and downright fun people in the store every single day. Our staff is made up of former customers who became a part of our family so much that we just had to hire them! At Acorn Farm our goal is to not only provide you with high quality goods for your kitchen and home, but to stir up your imagination in the kitchen and around the home. We aim to make every trip to Acorn Farm a pleasant one, and that you’ll always leave encouraged, inspired, and ready to try something new.  


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Slow Cooking Goes Global

Lia Soneson

Slow Cooking Goes Global!
Acorn Farm
Slow Cooking Goes Global
It's a dream come true, walk in the door after a long day at work and supper is ready! For the cooler season ahead, we've moved our slow cooker to the front of the kitchen countertop.

IN THIS ISSUE, we explore one of our favorite cooking techniques, slow cooking. Just how does it work? Where does slow cooking excel, and where does it not perform? Then, we've put slow cooking techniques to work with three recipes each with a global flair. 
Deliciousness awaits!
Slow Cooking
Slow Cooking
Swiss Diamond Feature
Classes and Events
Our classes have all but filled for the fall season, but we still have plenty of events  with no registration required. See for yourself, below. Take special note of Ladies' Night Out, one of our favorite Milford traditions! It's a great night to enjoy a night of shopping in the Village with a group of friends. Read on to see all of the opportunities available to you this fall!

I know it seems like the holiday season is a long ways off, but it will soon be sneaking  up on us - as it always does. In the meantime, we need your help with something. Last Christmas, we had a theme of giving back and many of your purchases helped people all over the world. This season, we'd like to do something similar, but we'd like to keep it a little more local. We're looking for some unique, grassroots charities that you think could use a little help! For example, we have a friend of a friend who has been involved in a great charity that goes to downtown Detroit once a week with piles of homemade PBJs to serve at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and Third in the Cass Corridor. Every Saturday morning, at least 250 people are fed. This is a small part of what they do, but they make a huge difference in a lot of lives.

DO YOU KNOW someone right here in the metro Detroit area who's been quietly making a difference? Please let us know. We'll select a few of them to be our Charities of Choice this holiday season. 
Ladies' Night Out -- FREE! 
Thursday, October 6th                
It only happens twice a year, but it's a lot of fun! Gather a group of ladies and come downtown to shop in Milford! We'll be ladling out some delicious samples that night in the store!
Le Creuset Petit Dejeuner  -  FREE!  No Registration Required! 
Thursday, October 20th  -  12noon - 2 pm with Trish Ranallo of Le Creuset  
Sometimes, it can be difficult to get into Trish's classes, so we're offering this great, FREE, lunch & learn demo while we've got her in town. Petit Dejeuner means 'little breakfast' and we'll be showing some wonderful brunch ideas prepared in Le Creuset's fabulous French cookware. We're still putting together the details but we'd like it to be a fun afternoon with door prizes, recipe giveaways, and more -- maybe even a 'secret sale' that we normally don't offer on some Le Creuset pieces.
Asian Braise  -  $40 - Four Spots Left!
Thursday, October 20th  -  7-9pm with Trish Ranallo of Le Creuset
Everything Asian in your favorite French Pot! We'll start with the basics of braising; times, temperatures, and when to use braising as opposed to other cooking methods. We always enjoy Trish coming for a visit. This is a wonderful menu, inspired by flavors from halfway around the world.

Hoisin/Sesame Chicken Wings - No need for a fryer, you can roast these in the oven!
Asian Braised Pork Shoulder - garlic, ginger, and soy begin the parade of flavors and are soon joined by all their friends to create a lovely pot liquor in which to braise the pork. The tender pork will ultimately be served with a sticky, slightly sweet sauce, made from the braising liquid.
Braised Baby Bok Choy - a buttery braise, flavored with sesame.
Asian Slaw - a little fruity, very crunchy, colorful and fresh.
Vegetable Lo Mein - chinese egg noodles, mushrooms, scallions, and traditional seasonings. From the continent that brought us noodles in the first place.
We'll top the meal off with a beautiful Gingered Shortbread Cookie, with a lemony frosting, served with a little scoop of citrusy sorbet and crystalized ginger. 
Be Sharp  -  A Hands-On Knife Class  -  $25 - Four Spots Left!
Saturday, October 22nd --  9-11 am with Ed Bartush of Wusthof
If you spend much time in the kitchen, why not improve your skills? Learn the proper way to hold, use, store and care for your knives. In this hands-on class, you'll learn the do's and don'ts of life with a knife. Each participant will have their own workstation as you slice, chop, and peel your way through class under Ed's expert tutelage. Normally, this class is $40 and we send you home with a bench scraper. Instead, we thought we'd knock the price down this time in order to leave a little money in your pocket so you can consider treating yourself to some Wusthof knives. They've got a wealth of great specials for you to take advantage of.
Stay Sharp - A Knife Sharpening Event  -  FREE! No Registration Required!
Saturday, October 22nd
Once or twice a year, Ed Bartush graciously joins us to sharpen your knives for free!  Bring your knives -- any brand, no serrated, please.  In keeping with our knife-day tradition, we'll also have a donation jar for Community Sharing.  Our customers are a generous lot and each year, we've been able to help Community Sharing because of customers like you!  
Acorn Farm Holiday Open House  -  FREE!          
Sunday, November 13th  -  12noon-4pm 
We'll supply you with more details as time goes on, but we'd love you to pencil it in on your calendar. We'd like you to be our guest that day. Come in for some food & fun, a first look at our holiday merchandise & decor, drawings, giveaways, and more! 
Red Bag RED BAG UPDATE!                            
Did you know there are two RED BAG SATURDAYS left in 2016?  Red Bag Days happen on the last Saturday of a month containing FIVE Saturdays. While it typically happens four times annually, you get a bonus this year since December has five Saturdays! Watch your email for our reminders, as we've moved the fourth Red Bag Day from October to November 26th, to provide you with some great holiday shopping. 
The Basics
Key Temperatures
recipeone RECIPE: Chicken Tikka Masala In a Slow Cooker
tools Handy Tools for Slow Cooking
recipetwo RECIPE: Pork Carnitas
advantagesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Slow Cooking
recipethree RECIPE: Slow-Cooked Beef Bourguignon
How to Deglaze
How to Thicken
tipsSmart Tips for Slow Cooking
Slow Cooking Goes Global


Happy Cooking!

Kathy Magaluk and all of us at Acorn Farm