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367 North Main Street
Milford Charter Township, MI, 48381


Acorn Farm opened its doors in downtown Millford in 2008. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the most kind, interesting, generous, and downright fun people in the store every single day. Our staff is made up of former customers who became a part of our family so much that we just had to hire them! At Acorn Farm our goal is to not only provide you with high quality goods for your kitchen and home, but to stir up your imagination in the kitchen and around the home. We aim to make every trip to Acorn Farm a pleasant one, and that you’ll always leave encouraged, inspired, and ready to try something new.  

Melting Hearts with Chocolate Treats


Melting Hearts with Chocolate Treats

Lia Soneson

Melting Hearts with Chocolate Treats
Acorn Farm
Melting Hearts with Chocolate Treats
When its Valentine's season, chocolate takes on a special role as a representative and token of love with its complex dimensions mirroring love itself. In this issue, we're getting ready for the season of love with three chocolate treats, Lacy Nib Cookies on a Strawberry Salad, Gooey, Double-Chocolate Mocha Cookies, and Chocolate Pots de Creme. Yes, we think chocolate says it best!
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Classes and Events
We hope you enjoyed RED BAG SATURDAY last week! Now you're probably gearing up for some Big Game fun and feasting. If you're looking for some great ideas for your menu, pop into the store for some inspiration. We have a large variety of soups and dips to round out your menu as well as some wonderful cookbooks to spark your creativity. Throw in a little bit of football decor and you're all set.

We're in the middle of a great class season with a whopping total of 4 spots left in our entire schedule! The first two are in our ITALIAN CLASS, which should be a delicious departure from the standard things we all know how to make. The second two openings are in our GREEK CLASS. Besides the wonderful sea bass and other Mediterranean specialties, we'll also be featuring their big Bean Bake. The lowly bean has never had it so good! This year's food trends are all about pulses - the dried beans, peas and other legumes that we sometimes take for granted. They're beautiful foods, high in protein and fiber, but low in fat! Go with the trend and start off with this dish! Two spots left.  Get 'em while they're hot!
Wednesday, February 17 - 7:00 - 8:30pm, $40 - Two spots left!
Thursday, February 18 - 7:00 - 8:30pm, $40 - FULL!
with Chef Steven
You've no doubt read about our trip to the Amalfi Coast in April. This is our cooking school's nod to Italy for those of us unable to join the tour! Come and learn to make some dishes that you haven't prepared before. There's more to Italian cuisine than just spaghetti and pizza!

Crostini with Artichoke Paste - Mozzarella & roasted tomatoes - now THAT'S amore!
Broccoli & Salsicci - Broccoli rabe with sausage and fennel
Risotto Pescatore - A lovely seafood risotto.
Panzanella Salad - Of course, we'll put bread in the salad!  Mangia!
Limoncello Mousse - Made with ladyfingers and sprinkle of fresh berries. What's not to love?
Wednesday, March 16 - 7:00 - 8:30pm, $40, just 2 spots available!
The Mediterranean region plays host to some of the fabulous flavors of the world. Lots of fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic, fish fresh from the sea, and a bounty of vegetables. We thought you'd enjoy these traditional dishes.

Big Bean Bake - Just like Uncle Nikolos used to make! Elevate the lowly bean by simmering in a rich, herbed tomato sauce, brightened with citrus!
Briam - The recipe that will be in every Greek grandmother's cookbook!  A delicious Greek roasted vegetable dish, hinting at ratatouille, but flexible with whatever is in season.  Throw in a few potatoes and some goat cheese for good measure and you'll be hooked.
Sea Bass - Fresh fish  and Greece go together like America and apple pie. If you want to know how to prepare it to perfection, look to the folks who eat it nearly every day! Great for your health, but even better for your taste buds!
Rizogalo - An exquisite grown-up rice pudding with wine-poached fruit. You'll be a fan, for sure.
Mini Thyme Breads - Baked in a flower pot or a little popover pan. Lots of thyme, lots of butter, lots of yum!
From Bean to Bar
From Bean to Bar
recipeone RECIPE: Strawberry Salad with Lacy Nib Cookies
Know Your Chocolate
recipetwo RECIPE: Gooey Double-Chocolate Mocha Cookies
RECIPE: Gooey Double-Chocolate Mocha Cookies
For Making Chocolate Treats
recipethree RECIPE: Chocolate Pots De Creme, Theo Style
Pots De Creme
Key Secret
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Happy Cooking!

Kathy Magaluk and all of us at Acorn Farm 

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